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2-Part Carbonless Forms Printing 


duplicate glued sets


  • Full color printing, PMS printing
  • Custom sizes available
  • Free Graphic designing services
  • Perforation and serial numbering
  • Custom binding
  • Custom Collation
  • Fast turn around time

Carbonless forms are important part of stationary and are basic need in any office, shop, organization where you need to have your writing duplicated for records. IvoPrinting offers custom 2-part carbonless forms in fully customized way in our in-house printing facility, from graphic designing to printing, from binding to delivery.

2-Part Carbonless Forms: Order us carbonless forms in any size and style you need. We are fully custom print shop.

:PAPER & SIZE:  We produce 2-part carbonless receipts with top original on thicker white CB premium paper, with carbonless yellow CF copy. Other custom paper sequence is available. Start live chat with us or give us call to learn more about custom NCR papers availability and full color printing on 2-part carbonless forms.

STOCK: We use premium carbonless forms which also are called carbon copy forms. Thickness of our carbon copy forms is 20lb. You may order thicker top white original carbon copy forms sheet. We offer 18lb carbonless forms, 20lb carbonless forms, 22lb carbonless forms and 24lb carbonless forms for top white CB original sheet.

Printing: We do custom printing on duplicate Carbon copy forms. Usually one color like black, royal blue or dark green is requested for printing on carbonless duplicate receipts.

We at Ivoprinting do not only one color printing on duplicate carbon copy forms but also, full color printing process on duplicate carbonless forms.

If you need PMS printing process done on your 2-part carbonless forms then do let us at time of order placement so that we can quote 2-part carbonless forms for you accordingly.

We also do printing on back side of carbonless forms if required for minimal extra charges.


Perforation : Get your duplicate carbon copy receipt books perforated in customized way. Perforation is done on top side where carbonless forms are binded, for easy tearing out of duplicates. You may get your perforation done on left side if you have got your duplicates designed in horizontal layout.

In case of multi receipts 2-part carbonless forms we can do multi perforations on your page to make 3 receipts per page or even 4 duplicate receipts per page.

Duplicate carbon copy forms can be perforated on both white top and yellow copy sheet. Or alternatively you may get either of the sheet perforated, in case you intend to keep one sheet permanently in the duplicate carbonless form book for your records and to tear off only one sheet.

Serial Numbering: Get your custom duplicate carbonless forms serial numbered for easy management and to keep your receipts in accordance with your records. Usually customers order duplicate ncr sequential numbered in black ink. Never loose track of your 2-part carbon copy receipts again by getting your duplicates sequentially numbered.

We do custom serial numbering on your 2-part carbonless forms in black ink and in red ink. You may request us serial numbering in blue ink on your duplicate carbon copy forms.


We do bind and make 2-part carbonless forms wrap around books. You may request us book binding right according to your own choice and need. Standard book binding is usually stapled on top with wrap around book cover of colored and textured card. Card cover wrap around make books stronger and lasts longer.

Wrap around duplicate books have an additional benefit along with durability, and that is you may put the cover under the top set, so that writing do not gets transferred onto next sets. We use thick wrap around covers for your 2-part carbonless forms.

Glued at the top binding:

Duplicate NCR are also binded in form of pad binding with glued at the top. You may get your duplicate carbon copies binded in form of glued at the top books.


Order us edge glued binding for your 2-part carbonless forms. These are also called as individually glued duplicate sets. You may order us individually glued duplicate sets when you need to feed your duplicate sets into a printer. You cannot use book binding in that case, as individually glued sets would go into printer as it is, without any issue of registration which usually is caused by paper slip while it is being fed into printer.

Pad Binding:

Get your 2-part NCR forms pad binded. In pad binding all the sets are glued so you may simply peal them off the book and hand over one to your customer and keep the other in your records. Please note, in pad binding you would need to write down on set prior to peeling them off the pad. As once these are peeled off both sheets, ( white original and yellow copy ) would get separated.


SPIRAL BINDING DUPLICATES. Get your duplicates spiral binded. Spiral binding is a stronger binding style that last longer than traditional glued binding or stapled book binding.


Get your 2-part NCR forms ring binded. Ring binding with card cover pages or cardboard cover pages allows you to open the book to all way 180 degree angle. Unlike glued binding or stapled book binding, you can open the book to flat 180 degrees without having it destroyed or damaging. Trucking receipt books, truck log duplicate forms are usually ordered with ring binding option, so that truck drivers can write them even using gloves while keeping the book opened to flat 180 degree on any surface.


Drill Holes: Get drill holes in your duplicates NCR forms so you may put them in folder for record keeping. Kindly let us know if you need to have 2 drill holes on your 2-part carbonless forms or you need 3 holes punched in your carbonless forms. There are 2 mostly used formats, which are 2 hole and 3 hole punching. We do custom hole punching in case you need to get custom hole drilling in carbonless forms.