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Cork coasters


Cork coaster.jpeg


  • Custom printing
  • Custom size and shape
  • Direct screen printing or pasted over card
  • 100% natural cork material
  • 3mm thickness, 4.5mm thickness, 6mm thickness


Cork coaster are not only great looking, but also are all natural, afforadable and are best option for promoting your business. Whether you are using them as giveaways, gifts to your customers, or featuring your restaurant table with our custom printed cork coasters. Start live chat or give us a call today to learn how our round drink cork coasters can promote your business beter.


INFO:  Our custom cork coasters are being offered in any shape and size you need. We do not have any minimum on your cork coasters. That means, this is the most  suitable choice for you, whether you are setting up a mega event for your organization or you are holding a small get together  house party.

SIZES: Standard sizes of coaster being used are 3.5" or 4". Some order in round shape, or in square shape with rounded corners. You, however can order us in any shape or size you need.
DIE CUT CORK COASTERS:  Ivo Printing.com offers, die cut cork coasters. We die cut your custom die cut cork coasters in any shape you need. Rectangular, oval, star shape, or NY state shape,  you call it and we have got some thing for you.

STOCK:  We have 100% natural cork in top quality  in various thicknesses. Standard thicness for the cork coasters are 3mm. Which is roughly equalant to  40pt thick pulp board coasters. However we do have other thicknesses avialable. Like 4.5mm thick cork, and 6mm super thick original cork.
For other applications, we do have cork thin sheets in 1.5mm thicness. People usually order these for wedding invitations printed cork sheet, 4x6 party invitation cork sheets.

Cork is being widely used in packaging. It is a great idea to put cork sheet printed with your company name along with your product at the time of packaging.   



Cork coaster are better than any other type of coaster for many reason. Cork coasters are softer material than glass coasters,  acrylic coasters  or card board coasters. They are delicate and are wash able. Cork coaster look more apealling when printed and placed on the glass table.